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New 4-week formula from Maria Thomas

Maria - beautiful and youthful at the age of 72

The ever-young 72-year-old Maria Thomas, who still looks no more than 40, has offered British women her 4-week anti-wrinkle formula. The French model's method challenges traditional anti-wrinkle solutions**.

** The results of the cream's usage were achieved by individual people and can differ according to individual determinants. The manufacturer does not guarantee the same effects.

100 000 British women over 35 have already abandoned the big corporations' products and joined Maria. You too, no matter how you look now, can soon enjoy the surprised looks of men who seeing you will be certain you are a few years younger.

It is never too late to be young and attractive. You can learn that in a month - your mirror will tell you the truth. You will take a look at your forehead, eyes, lips and the wrinkles will be almost invisible. Your skin delicate to the touch, tight, healthy and smooth**. How is that possible?

Micro-molecular anti-wrinkle treatment

Intense Skin Repair for Day is a 4-week formula from Maria - the only micro-molecular treatment that is applied directly to the skin.

Traditional creams do not penetrate the skin. Their molecules are too large to pass through the pores. Intense Skin Repair for Day possesses micro-molecules which are 200 times smaller than your skin's pores, which enables them to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. It makes it possible for the skin to stretch and smooth the wrinkles out.

Traditional creams generally do not stimulate collagen production in the skin. They make the skin taut, but they don't employ your body's natural mechanisms. The Intense Skin Repair for Day 4-week micro-molecular formula penetrates more deeply and stimulates the body to produce its own collagen in order to allow your skin to deal with facial lines and become more flexible in a natural way.

The 4-week formula works progressively

What do British women say about Intense Skin Repair for Day:

"I've just turned 40, my life is getting better and better, and so is my skin! Thanks, Intense Skin Repair for Day!" - Sarah Plevin**

After the first day of using the product you should feel that the skin is tighter and more fresh. After a week you will be sure to notice a significant change in the mirror. Some of the wrinkles should be barely visible. After a month of using the product your skin will be fresh and flexible, and small wrinkles will be so shallow that they will be almost imperceptible. Bigger wrinkles will get a lot less visible. After a month you will surely look a few years younger**. If not - you can (and should!) use Maria Thomas' special guarantee - you get the money for the treatment back, no questions asked.

Health Journal recommends this solution to its readers. By using the link below, you can order Intense Skin Repair for Day for a FREE Bottle today.


With age, your skin loses more and more collagen, which results in its decreased flexibility. What is more, the skin "records" your facial expressions, and this is how wrinkles come to be. Additional amounts of collagen can help to stop or even undo these changes.


The skin looks worse and ages because with the passing years it loses water. By keeping the skin appropriately moisturized we avoid creating new wrinkles and deepening the already existing ones.

The super effective "youth extract" is a combination of d-panthenol, hyaluronic acid and borage oil - selected in such a way that they remain in balance with the natural composition of the skin. Thanks to that they faster permeate into its deeper layers helping to achieve a visible effect of smooth skin.

You are just one use of this product from a better mood. What is more, applying it regularly will make your skin beautiful and fresh.

One of the ingredients of this product is hyaluronic acid - a completely natural substance used by dermatologists to fix wrinkles. It smoothes the skin intensively, making it soft and adequately hydrated.

Poorly hydrated skin loses its flexibility and does not look good. Using this products increases the level of hydration, and helps to maintain it for a long time.

The effective product I recommend to my patients is the 4-week Intense Skin Repair for Day formula

Its use is:


There is no need for a beautician's or a dermatologist's assisstance. You need to apply the cream to the face and gently pat it in with your fingertips. A positive effect of shallower wrinkles will be perceivable very fast.


The cream which is the base of the treatment has passed rigorous examinations and is a certified product. It does not cause allergic reactions or skin stains. It has become very popular among actresses, celebrities and women in general. It has received great reviews among doctors. It's also used in beauty saloons.


In a short time your skin will become visibly firm, glowing and well moisturised. Regularly applying the Intense Skin Repair for Day cream will shave years off you!

From the methods available for a regular person that help remove wrinkles and improve the look of the skin, this one may be the most effective. Aside from the fact that it was studied by a team of scientists and documented by NCBI (American National Center for Biotechnology Information), it was also tested on me and many other people, such as Helen from Liverpool.

Stunning effects

Fiona Longden, 54 years old

I was fighting a losing battle against the dreaded wrinkles for a very long time. I tried a number of face masks and creams, but to no avail! Intense Skin Repair for Day was the first product that had given me positive results! The difference was clearly visible after a week of the treatment. I feel young and beautiful again.

Fiona Longden, 54 years old
effects after 3 weeks **

Bear in mind that Intense Skin Repair for Day cream, just like any other and often more expensive method, will not work for everyone. A small percentage of the population has atypical skin and this method might not help them.

Despite all this, Maria Langrend is so happy with her Intense Skin Repair for Day cream that she would like to offer you the following guarantee:

Money-back guarantee

If you don't manage to get rid of wrinkles within a month - or feel unsatisfied for any other reason - simply send us the empty Intense Skin Repair for Day cream packaging back, and we'll return your money, no questions asked.

- it's my personal guarantee!

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The highest quality cream is a result of many years of research into skin rejuvenation solutions. The cream's formula was based on a unique, limited edition of the Intense Skin Repair for Day anti-wrinkle cream. It is extremely effective. That is why it cannot be cheap.

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Intense Skin Repair for Day cream

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